Balcony Fire Escape Ladder

Balcony Fire Escape Ladder

***For European Countries only***

Kletterfix fire escape ladders are compact and can be deployed quickly. They can be used where standard escape ladder hooks cannot be placed over the wall/sill safely or when the ladder needs to be hooked over a balcony railing. In an emergency the strong metal hook of the ladder is hooked either over a wall-mounted steel bar attached underneath or above the window or the hook is placed over a balcony railing. Where needed, the wall-mounted bar is fitted to the wall with strong screws (provided). Size of the bracket: 305x70mm.

Kletterfix is the most compact metal fire escape ladder in the world. It is made in Germany from steel rope and aluminium rungs. This mobile rescue ladder is TÜV-certified to the German standard BGI 638 and is used in over 50 countries by individuals, Fire Brigades and Rescue Services.

The Kletterfix escape ladders come in different lengths and you can choose ladders with or without distance pieces designed to keep the rungs off the wall and therefore offering your feet a better hold. However, if you descend from a protruding balcony, no distance pieces are required, as there is no danger of the feet pushing against a wall. But whenever using the ladders for the escape from a window or along a wall surface you will need the ladder version with distance pieces.

Building Height:

Price: 210.00 USD

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