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One Clearlake Centre, 250 S. Australian Avenue Suite 601
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Contact Us

We can't carry out our work alone, we need your help! If you are interested in working with us to promote our mission, have a specialization that can help further our mission, would like to request materials to share with students, or would like to know how to get involved in our work, please get in touch!

Jasmine Jahanshahi Fire Safety Foundation, Inc.
235 Alhambra Place
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405
Phone: 786-208-9391 email:

contact us

We would love to hear from you. Please contact us if you:

  • Have any suggestions about the best way to use our resources and funding to fulfill the foundation's mission (Please indicate if you are a donor).
  • Have any questions about how your donation will be used or how the foundation operates.
  • Are interested in becoming part of our team and working for the foundation (Please indicate any specific skills or interests you have).
  • Have any similar stories of loved ones being victims of fires. We believe that sharing these stories is the best way to raise awareness and promote education and technology that can save lives.