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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Reza Djahanshahi

  • President
  • Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Reza lost his daughter, his "dream girl" Jasmine in the Paris apartment fire due to lack of fire safety code and alert systems. As a loving Persian father and structural engineer, Reza has dedicated his life and career to raising fire safety awareness around the world and saving lives. His goal is to tackle the problem, not to walk away from it.

Mehrangiz Asefnia

  • Honorary Vice President
  • Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Jasmine's grandmother was a partner in raising Jasmine. She was a lawyer in Iran and her tenacity in leaving no stone unturned is a great asset in following up with issues at hand and fundraising through spectacular community events.

Armon Jahanshahi

  • Honorary Vice President
  • New York, NY

Armon lost his sister Jasmine to the 2011 fire in Paris. He is adamant about helping Jasmine's Foundation in any way possible. Through Armon's degree in architecture, he will ensure that all structures that he is involved in creating will provide a safe haven from fire for its inhabitants. 

Sarah Blanc

  • Director of Marketing and Media Relations
  • Gainesville, FL

After losing her dearest friend in a tragic fire, Sarah became a founding member of JUSTICE as a life-long commitment to keep students around the world safe from fires. Sarah maintains the Foundation's outreach and web presence to get the word out about our resources. 

Zoe Friedland

  • Director of Operations
  • Palo Alto, CA

Zoe is committed to incorporating fire safety into study abroad programs through direct advocacy. After losing one of her best friends to a preventable fire, Zoe is extremely dedicated to promoting global fire safety.


Suzanne Zwyssig

  • Treasurer
  • West Palm Beach, FL

Suzanne is the co-treasurer who manages all incoming donations, helps with fundraising projects, and works with our CPA. Suzanne loves working for the Foundation because it demonstrates the importance of raising awareness about the dangers of fire and everybody involved shows an incredible passion towards saving lives.

Megan Clement

  • Director of Programming
  • Brooklyn, NY

A close friend, classmate, and roommate of Jasmine's, Megan helped establish the foundation after losing her. She gives presentations at conferences and universities with the goal of encouraging students to learn how to better protect themselves. 

Dr. Davood Moslemian

  • Adviser and Field Specialist
  • Boca Raton, FL

Davood is a very close friend of the entire Jahanshahi family acting as an adviser to the Foundation, and as a professional engineer who is involved in the field of fire protection in its various capacities.

Grace Flott

  • Director of Strategic Partnerships
  • Seattle, WA

Grace is a survivor of the Paris fire that took Jasmine's life. Since joining the Foundation in 2012, she has worked to raise awareness of the severe trauma of burns and fire-related injuries for students studying abroad and educators of all kinds. 

Tom Hayden

  • Director of Health and Safety
  • Baltimore, MD

Chief Hayden is a Division Chief/Fire Marshal with Baltimore Washington International Airport Fire and Rescue Department. He was previously an Inspections Supervisor with the George Washington University and retired as Battalion Fire Chief from the Prince Georges County, MD Fire/EMS Department in 2008 after nearly 24 years of service. Tom has also served as a Homeland Security/Emergency Management Analyst with the District of Columbia Fire Department. Mr. Hayden has a BS in Fire Science from the University of Maryland University College and a Masters degree in Safety and Security Leadership from the George Washington University.

In Memory of our Founder, Mehrnaz Djahanshahi
Jasmine's mother Mehrnaz lost her daughter to an apartment fire in April 2011 while she was also battling breast cancer. The first impulse to start a foundation of this nature came from Mehrnaz. Her devotion and love for her daughter manifested itself in saving other people's lives from unjust causes. Her commitment and previous expertise as an electrical engineer established a movement that will continue her work for years to come. Mehrnaz passed away in December 2011.

Visit Mehrnaz's Memorial Page